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εικονες καιματσαλαν

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εικονες σελι

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On the mountain Vitsi and in a distance of 22 km from the city of Kastoria there is an organised ski centre. The ski centre is situated on the road that leads from Kastoria to Fiorina, on the north side of the village Polykerasos. The roadasphalt paved and it is cleared from the snow. Fortheski centre;

ALTITUDE: crown, 1875m, base1610m

LIFT: 1000m with a possibility of 850 persons per hour and a baby lift 150m.

TRACKS: traced in the dense forest with a common starting point and they are served from the same lift.

SERVICES: restaurant-cafeteria, parking lot.


Even if you're not skiers but just love of the mountains and the incomparable beauty, the ski resort Kaimaktsalan offers a first class opportunity to get closer to nature.
The mountain is a living organism which gives you generously, natural beauty, oxygen, recreation, health, peace of mind.
Mount Vora-Kaimaktsalan signs of spring are quickly seen. The snow remains until early May, giving the opportunity for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy the most beautiful mountain.
Kaimaktsalan is one of the highest Greek mountains with 2,524 m altitude. On top of adorning the chapel of Prophet Elias and museum-ossuary, which is dedicated to the memory of soldiers who fought and fell dead during the First World War.
For you who want to visit Kaimaktsalan Easter and the summer months the chalet will be open and waiting for you to enjoy your coffee overlooking the lake Vegoritida.

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